Anyone who has been impacted by the recent bushfires should prioritize their mental health and wellbeing.

The Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) manager Tessa said “Following on from any disaster, it is normal for people to feel overwhelmed, worry a lot more than usual, have trouble concentrating and making decisions. The earlier we notice a problem and find help, the better chance we have of a quick recovery and we reduce our risk of mental health problems in the future”.

There are many steps you can take to ensure your well being:

  • Being okay with not being okay

An approach to progress in the direction of improving your psychological wellness is to comprehend that it’s alright not to be alright. Particularly today it’s very simple to push any negative thoughts and emotions to the rear of your brain and attempt to occupy yourself and not consider them. It’s alright to be miserable or on edge, and it’s alright to discuss it. Finding support and discovering somebody to converse with doesn’t mean something isn’t right with you. Indeed, understanding that everything isn’t alright is a tremendous advance towards making things alright once more.

  • Make time for self-care

The significance of setting aside a few minutes and taking part in self-care exercises can’t be downplayed. We have to deal with ourselves on the off chance that we need to have the option to succeed. Self-care is instrumental in ensuring we are organizing our psychological well-being. Self-care is distinctive for everyone. What may work extraordinary for somebody isn’t really the best alternative for you. Discover a movement, exercise, or game that you appreciate and that makes you feel better. Ideally, something that gives you some unwinding and enables you to calm your psyche. Participating in these exercises enables us to recollect that life isn’t just about everyday stress. Discover your movement, and ideally exercises, and set aside a few minutes for them, don’t enable your calendar to knock self-care out ceaselessly. Life occurs, and we have obligations that occasionally need to start things out, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t discover the time elsewhere to give ourselves the affection we merit.

  • Connect with others

With regard to wellbeing, other people matter. Proof shows that associating with others and framing great connections – with family, companions and the more extensive network – are significant for mental prosperity.

Building more grounded, more extensive social associations throughout your life can expand your sentiments of satisfaction and self-esteem.

  • Have a mentor

Having a mentor can help to reduce anxiety and stress. Together with this, it can also help to improve mental health and wellbeing of the mentors themselves. This is especially true in high-pressure occupations.


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