Why Mondo Mentor?

We help your people become extraordinary and achieve extraordinary results by through the power of high-touch mentorship, facilitating meaningful conversations both in person and online via our world-class, high-technology mentoring platform.

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Meet Our Global Team

Our dedicated team of professionals and entrepreneur thought leaders share a passion to engage and retain your greatest asset, your people, through the power of mentoring. Work with us to successfully design and launch a fully customised white-label mentoring program, powered by our world-class global online mentoring platform partner – MentorCloud.

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Latest News, Interviews, Insights & Events

Let’s connect and grow your network at exclusive, invitation only events. Stay in touch with the latest news, interviews and insights focused on providing a balance of education and inspiration and motivation.

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Learning Hub

Your trusted global best practice resources for acquiring new knowledge and mentoring skills. Discover Mondo Mentor’s learning hub where mentors, mentees as well as mentoring officers can access online courses, toolkits, all founded in research, facts and data from around the world.

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ENTERPRISE available for annual subscriptions 500 active users and above.
Depending on the number of participants in the mentoring program, scalable pricing plans start from $11 per user per month.

Integrate your favourite applications with your CRM

For Start Ups, Entrepreneurs and SME Executives

We are committed to supporting start-ups, entrepreneurs and SME executives achieve their goals through the power of mentoring. Discover how your business can join a thriving community of entrepreneurial leaders connecting across borders for shared learning.